March 2021: Abigayel Bryce

Root Author x Stories to Change the World are connecting the past and present to stories of a hopeful tomorrow with Future Folklore: A Climate Fiction Short Story Contest and Anthology. We are driven by the question: Who is telling the story of climate change? The answer, quite simply, is not enough of us. Future Folklore is one antidote to this problem. It represents the hopes, dreams and concerns of those seeking an abundant future. All are welcome to become designers of the future by submitting tales set in a future world, where equitable climate change initiatives have been set in motion. Selected stories will receive prize money. Submissions open June 14, 2021. Get updates by following @RootAuthor and @StoriestoChangetheWorld on Instagram! Or visit for contest guidelines.

Liberate the story of climate.

February 2021: Nate Adams

Nate has always loved houses and science, so it’s only natural that he and his partners have worked to combine the two into a system where any homeowner can get a comfortable, healthy, renewably powered house if they want it. Nate wrote The Home Comfort Book to serve as an educational on-ramp to the building science that controls how your house works, and cofounded HVAC 2.0 to provide a repeatable process and profitable business model for HVAC contractors to deliver those results.

Electrification is a natural outcome of HVAC 2.0 since right sized HVAC can provide far better comfort, and smaller HVAC naturally means heat pumps due to how they work. To learn about electrification take the Electrify Everything Course or join the Facebook group.

January 2021: Dahl Winters

Cyan is a small-scale, open-sourced direct air carbon capture system designed for individual use. It is small on purpose, to empower people to tangibly offset a piece of their emissions and to get them thinking about and finding creative ways of minimizing their carbon footprint. All the documentation for how to build and use a Cyan is at this GitHub repository. You can follow Dahl's ongoing status updates on Cyan on the OpenAir forum. Here's Dahl talking about Cyan on YouTube. Subscribe to OpenAir Collective's YouTube channel for future updates.